The Artist’s Way

I went through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way with this lovely artists’ cluster:


Here are links to a list of fellow TAW travelers here.  I hope you enjoyed witnessing our process.

Preparatory week:

Week One:

Week Two:

Week Three:

Week Four:

Week Five:

Week Six:

Week Seven:

Week Eight:

Week Nine:

Week Ten:

Week Eleven:

Week Twelve:



  1. Best wishes on your journey! I completed The Artist’s Way last week. GREAT experience! I summed up every week on my blog. My last entry is here:

  2. […] The Artist’s Way […]

  3. […] The Artist’s Way […]

  4. Julia Cameron and I ran The Artist’s Way Creativity Camp in Taos, NM from 1995-2001. We also co-taught lots of weekend workshops and one 12-week workshop in NYC spring of 2003. I’ve had a ton of experience with Artist’s Way. I still see Julia now and then, she’s well. If I can be of any help, please feel free to get in touch.

    Best, James Navé

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