Posted by: mew | August 26, 2009

make that a double

I never got around to posting my results from week one, and it’s already time to add five more imaginary lives in week two.

  1. kindergarten teacher
  2. art collector
  3. rose breeder
  4. interpreter
  5. romance novelist
  6. lavender grower (in the south of France)
  7. plein-air painter
  8. librarian
  9. food critic
  10. seamstress*
Five lives... and a hint of a sixth.

Five lives... and a hint of a sixth.

While I’m at it, I’ll tack on a bonus half-dozen, just because it’s so fun once you get into that wide-open possibilities mode and I really couldn’t stop myself:

  1. pastry chef
  2. belly dancer
  3. interior designer
  4. wanderer
  5. independent magazine publisher
  6. creativity counselor

*If it bothers you when I break the rules, quit reading at the asterisk.



  1. Cool list! Breaking the rules can be fun!

  2. Love your list…Chef..I LOVE to cook! and creative couselor! OH! I love that one~

  3. you are funny! love that pic..thanks so much for visiting and actually eding my blog. i think no one come !!

    i’d love to be a rose breeder.. thats one I didnt think of.. hmmmm I can smell my garden

  4. Yay for rule breaking!

    You take as many lives as you like honey!

    Love Love Love that photo too.

  5. I would like to try some of your fantasy lives …especially number 6 and 7….Here’s to breakin’ the rules!

  6. I reckon that the only place to grow Lavender would be in the south of France! and break all the rules you want!

  7. Belly dancer – excellent idea! Yay for you for being able to envision so many possibilities.

  8. I love the photo you used! Can you believe I have yet to go to an aquarium where they have the jellyfish exhibits?! I must go sometime soon….they look so magical.

    You’re the second blog I came across that listed something food related (pastry chef) considering I love food so much I’m not sure why I didn’t think of something similar.

    And the life of a lavender grower would be incredible I think. Great choices! 🙂

  9. Thank you all for your kind and generous responses. Especially the encouragement to keep breaking the rules 😉

    Vanessa, you *definitely* have to visit an aquarium with a jellyfish exhibit. The last one I was at, F. had to drag me away from it. I just stood there and stared and stared — started blocking up traffic and felt bad I was hogging the window when the children behind me needed to see it. The ones that fascinated me the most were glowing neon pink, very fine lines that flickered seductively — in a pitch black tank. They were glowing in the dark! So cool.

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