Posted by: mew | September 3, 2009

life pie

An exercise from Week Two in The Artist’s Way:

DSC05830Well, it doesn’t look quite like a tarantula.  But note that none of the areas met the “fulfilled” guidelines.  That’s okay, though.  I already knew I was a work in progress.  And it looks better than the first time I did it, years ago.

For those of you journeying with me in TAW, if your life pie wasn’t exactly how you wanted it, here’s some encouragement for how quickly things can change, how surely our lives are blossoming over time.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, this is called a life pie.  It’s a quick check-in for where you need to focus on developing or balancing areas of your life.  Draw a circle, divide in six, and label the areas as shown above.  In each slice of the pie, you place a dot in the pie piece to demonstrate the level of fulfillment you’re feeling in that area of your life.  Outer rim equals totally-amazing-my-life-couldn’t-be-better in that area.  The center of the circle is obviously the unsatisfactory zone, a.k.a. it is hard to imagine this getting much worse.

I used spirals because they are powerful personal symbols for me.  And prettier than dots.  (Unless we’re talking polka-dots.)

And a note to my friends:  you are wonderful.  It’s just that in moving to Seneca, I’ve entered a social vacuum.  I have yet to make a real friend here.  Or even meet someone who could potentially be friend material.  It’s been rather lonely.  So I love all of you, and I love visiting you and receiving visits from you, even though it’s so rare, and I love writing you and receiving your letters and talking to you on the phone.  But it’s not the same as having friends here, where I live now.  So that is why the “Friends” slice o’ pie didn’t rate as highly as it might have otherwise.



  1. […] satisfied with my level of development (and I’m generally not) in different areas of my life pie — spiritual, physical, adventure — there’s no telling what it’ll look like […]

  2. Hey. No real friends down here either… but fell not so lonely, because of work (sad) and because of frequent drowning into imaginary lives on DVDs. Will try to read more of your blogs along the way. Love your thoughts and courage to go public with them.

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