I love mail.

Really, I do.  I have a thriving snail mail correspondence, and I’ve been known to engage in mail art swaps.  But we can start off with e-mail for now.  (I’m told some of us actually prefer this method!)

So you can write to me at:


(Remember to replace the <at> with an @.)

Can’t wait to hear from you!  Even if all you’d like to do is say “hi.”




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  2. Hi dearest Mewananda! I have decided that my artist date today has been visiting and reading your wonderful pages, your writing, your photos esp of the mountains sunrise which have been soooo inspiring and totally lifted my spirits. You know, I am caught up in chapter 6&7 of TAW and have decided to make a list of tasks unfinished and set myself or try to, set myself at least time to do one or two a day if not a week, although I need to slow TAW down for me right now; we just lost one of our cats – euthanasia – due to terribly aggressive tumours which seemed to develop overnight. And he fell asleep forever in my arms . And so TAW has been hard to meet the demands of lately but I have decided better to take my time ; still doing my Morning pages every day and planning Artist dates and doing them too. Most of these invlove taking my camera and my sketchbook to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, where I live ( way over in Scotland). I hope you don’t mind me sharing with you; what grabbed me was your phrase too, about being lonely and friends…I was feeling this way so much today and with my cat gone and his sister also grieving it has been incredibly hard. That I chanced upon your place here is some truly amazing synchronicity, for today I was pleading with great tears to the great creator as to the why of everything I was feeling utterly sad about. And I found your photos and your beautifully woven words. I have not yet encountered a more inspiring and lyrical blog. Keep up the amazing flow. Your creativity is shining brightly.
    Hope you don’t mind a huge hug from a stranger with a gift of the gab.
    Rebecca XO

  3. I was scrolling through the old stat counter when I noticed a link from you. Hi! Thank you for linking me on your sidebar. I love your eclectic blog full of beauty and art and life experiences. I’ve been remiss in visiting my blog friends lately as I’ve been writing offline, but I look forward to becoming a regular visitor when my schedule settles down!

    Warm regards,


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  6. love both of your blogs…..the funny thing is the reason i happened upon you was you made a comment on one of my pictures on the capturing beauty blog….winter wonderland – so i was looking at your profile and saw you lived in seneca south carolina – i live in walhalla sc i love when the world gets so small and we can reach out and touch one another.
    so thanks for making me smile.

  7. Just thought I’d say hi. I saw your comment on another favorite blog of mine. This is such a different format, so I’m not sure you’ll get this. Anyway, from one creative soul to another.

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