V is for Victory

My current favorite posts from my other blog, a photographic journal of the progress, joys, lessons, and wonders of my experience with my kitchen garden.  I’m actually getting really fond of this blog.  I intended it as a steady practice, as you can see if you read early entries.  But it’s becoming a pleasurable pursuit in its own right — although not quite as worthwhile as the garden, itself.


So, in case you want to check it out, these are my top five recommendations at the moment.  (Hint:  Likely to change often.  Don’t forget, I’m a Gemini.)

  1. golden treasure
  2. fire ant confidential
  3. who says we’re not?
  4. first harvest
  5. should you choose to accept

“Gardens are a form of autobiography.”

~Sydney Eddison, Horticulture magazine, August/September 1993


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