All of the words on this blog are mine, except where I’ve specifically attributed a quote to another person.  The pictures are a mixture of my own and royalty-free stock images downloaded from Stockvault or Morguefile, wonderful sources of photographs for non-commercial purposes.  All the photos appearing on my other blog are mine, without exception.

If you’d like to get permission to use one of my photographs on your own blog, please contact me via e-mail.  My address is gardenforvictory<at>  I’m pretty reasonable, and since I’m not a professional photographer, generally happy to share.  I just prefer the common courtesy of being asked.

To use my words, you’d need to contact me and get my permission.  Please don’t copy my work and claim it as your own.  We’ve already had hints this is happening with my other blog, Victory Garden Redux.  Not only is this an incredibly dick thing to do, it’s illegal, because all my work is copyright protected.  Not to mention it’s bad karma.  If the law doesn’t catch you, you can bet the karmic wheel will knock you on your ass.

So don’t do it.  It’s not cool.  And deep down inside you, you know that you are a very creative and original artist in your own right.  You have things to say.  You don’t need to steal mine.



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