Artists on this Journey

These folks are my cluster-mates on this exciting spiritual journey.  In the next 12 weeks, we are going to gather our collective energy and bust through our blocks and make some art.  Watch us soar!

Miss*R (our guide) – Tales of Inglewood

Serena Lewis – my art, my life, my soul journey

Tracy – Seaside Enchantment

Judi Parker – judipatootie

Kavindra – A Clear Path to Happy

Sheila Anderson – Studio Lakeside

Michelle Eaton – Dolls-n-Art by Michelle Eaton

Teresa Lynne – Willow Creek Studio

Bohemian Single Mom – Words from a Bohemian Single Mom

Sarah – Cottage Garden Studio

Sonny – A complex girl

intothedawn – into the dawn

Judit Mueller-Kiss – Walking the Artist’s Way

Jennifer – Barefoot in the Sand

Linnea – Cafe Mercury

gemma – gemma’s house

Stephanie – Nothing but Goodness

Vanessa – elusiveness

Brigitte – vibrational imprints

Kate – The Queen of Creativity


Please note:  If I haven’t listed you, my sincere apologies.  If I’ve listed you incorectly, ditto.  Please shoot me an e-mail in either event at gardenforvictory<at>  This cluster seems to be growing like the zucchini in July, which is exciting, but I’m trying to keep up and bound to make mistakes.

Namaste, y’all!



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