Posted by: mew | May 3, 2010

the hunt is on

Merrilee Faber is clearly a genius.  For our workshop’s icebreaker today, she posted a list of scavenger-hunt-style clues from each of the 31 participating writers’ blogs and sent us out to hunt.  The list alone is fun to read.

I really enjoyed my tour around these wildly varied blogs.  It’s amazing to me to realize how different we all are — and yet how wonderful that we are all linked by our passion for the written word.  That passion leaped out from every sentence. Each phrase was caressed and cradled, each story, each post lovingly crafted.  These imaginations were clearly not kept in old, dusty boxes in the back room.

These writers used even their “About” pages as opportunities to exercise their fantastical imaginations and show off their wordsmith’s flair.  I love it!

Rather than link to each of these authors again, I’ll direct you to my workshop participants page here, just in case you’d like to visit any of these fine, bright spots in the virtual world.

As for my comments at each place, part deux of the hunt, I unfortunately won’t have time tonight… but I have been trying to comment on each of the goals posts as they come online.

Without further ado:

  1. Missing purple?  Try under the trapdoor. = Vixen Phillips
  2. English author rapping in the bath?  Umbrella required! = Rosalind Adam
  3. Moon across the ocean blue. Where’s the long white cloud? = Anna Caro
  4. Who says you have to grow up? = Xenn
  5. Five times I love you. = Aurora Lee
  6. California garden with a foxhound. = Yuuko Ichihara
  7. 21 + 6 + 5 + 5.  Oh, and a chicken. = Kodi Lynn
  8. Considers the lilies, but still a wage-slave to the empire. Sigh. = C’est moi.
  9. Lips as red as cherries, hair as blue as…electric? = Shoe Skogen
  10. All singing, all writing bird!  I’m so Lost… = Kayla Olson
  11. Pigs DO fly!  I told you so. = Valerie Sloan
  12. Manchester daisies.  Greener than home? = Kerryn Angell
  13. Not in Penzance, and the gender’s all wrong, but still!  Raise the Jolly Roger, arrr! = Amanda C.
  14. Raising goats, joyfully.  Hallelujah! = Amber Dawn Weaver
  15. There are thirteen ribs, apparently. = Ashley Nava
  16. Love and stars and hearts and butterflies and swirls! = Najela Cobb
  17. RIP Cooper, dear friend. = Karen
  18. Who’s to blame for the rain? = Melissa
  19. Living in Melbourne, dreaming of Mars. = Nathaniel Robinson
  20. Canada’s in the pink! = Chibi Doucet
  21. Siochain’s amulet, 50% off! = Davina Pearson
  22. Not a serial killer, but an explorer. = Eliza/Sarah
  23. Bun in the oven, two kids, no time! = Cassie Hart
  24. Beautiful Jalal. = Linda Cassidy Lewis
  25. Africa?  Australia?  Jicama?  = Gillian
  26. Japanese poetry, in the popular form. = Alisha
  27. Mother, 8, grandmother, 12, not enough chairs in the garden! = Carolyn
  28. Law of Attraction, no magnets here! = Janet Dalgliesh
  29. Ngapuhi?  (Gesundheit!) = Tama Wise
  30. I’ve got your contest right here!  Epic?  You bet! = Simon Larter
  31. This is not the Olympics, no matter what the header says. = Nick Enlowe

Ta da!

I’m sure I’ll find out soon whether I definitively nailed this assignment.  But I’m pretty sure I did.



  1. You are so right about the variety of individuals taking part in the workshop – it’s great to expand our horizons and meet people from all kinds of backgrounds and life experiences. And surrounding ourselves with people who are also passionate about words can be nothing but positive.

    • Isn’t it fun? I had this experience with the garden blogs, once I began to get to know them, feeling as if I were peeking into dozens of different ecosystems and garden philosophies in action. This time I guess it will be a glimpse into the different passions and cultures, genres and styles of writers around the world. 🙂

  2. Lovely work Meredith, and you are so right about how connected we all are by our interest 🙂

    • My muse is all about connection, as I’m sure you realize by now, Merrilee. 😉

  3. Agreed. We are all completely different, yet there is something that unites every workshop participant. It’s wonderful to realize how connected we all are.

    Great job on the list. I couldn’t find mine at first, but then I felt stupid when I realized which one it was haha.

    • Chibi, it took me a few passes to figure yours out, as well! Mine was obvious to me from the first reading, of course. 😉

      This is the first time I’ve done an internet-based workshop just for writers, and not for artists of all stripes. It’s amazing to witness the wild variety!

  4. Yes, it really was amazing to see the variety of writers participating in this workshop!

    • I almost feel I should say “jinx” to myself now, Alisha. My reply comment, above, sounds eerily close to your comment.

      Great minds think alike? 😉

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