Posted by: mew | November 25, 2009

that grateful time of year

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

May your turkeys be perfectly basted.   May your stuffing turn out not too dry and not too wet.  May your road trips be safe and comfortable.  May your laughter come from the belly all day long.  May your most annoying relatives have mellowed a little with the passage of time.

Most of all, may you know the great joy of a heart full of gratitude.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friend.

  2. The same to you, christina! And many blessings!

  3. And a very happy one to you as well. Of course, all sane people are in bed by now dreaming of next year’s feast. But, here I am wishing you a happy one.

    • Thank you, Relyn! I, too, am the queen of belated, late-night wishes, so I understand 😉

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for leaving such nice comments on my blog the other day.

    • My pleasure, Lori — and thanks for the good wishes!

  5. Belated Thanksgiving wishes to you, Meredith. xo

  6. I had ham instead of turkey, I don’t like stuffing anyway and the road trip was great. 🙂

    hope your thanksgiving was wonderful!

  7. thank you!
    i hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving too Meredith!

    • I did, no doubt about it 🙂 (And you’re welcome!)

  8. Beautiful Meredith — isn’t the light gorgeous this time of the year? And I love that little tip of red — yum! Thanks for visiting and commenting my neck of the woods!

    • That yummy tip of red was what motivated me to snap a photo in the first place 🙂 And I so enjoyed my visit, Virginia!

  9. belated happy thanksgiving!

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