Posted by: mew | November 20, 2009

make a wish

Everybody make a wish my internet service will go back to normal — i.e. less reliable than in a medium-sized city, but still fairly reliable.  Since Tuesday’s rains, the DSL has been down, and the local service we’re using (one of two available) is supposed to be the most reliable, which is why I chose it for my work.  This has not, unfortunately, been our experience this week.

I miss my blogs.  I miss so many other blogs.  I am missing posting for the Art Every Day Month challenge.

I am trying to be patient.  Especially after a technician told F. this morning there is nothing wrong with our connection, nor any sign there has ever been a problem — a conclusion reached in less than two minutes.  A half hour later, the DSL went down again.

Deep breaths, Meredith.

(Cross your fingers I can even publish this one, via F.’s cell phone connection, which is somewhat spotty down in our little hollow.)



  1. Fingers crossed for you!
    love the picture.

    • Thank you so much, rachel! The crossed fingers are much appreciated 🙂

  2. I would be so freaking irritated! Here’s hoping it gets resolved soon…

    • Thanks for the good wishes, brandi. I *was* pretty irritated at first — and then I just decided it’s like when one gets sick, and it’s a sign sometimes you’re not following your energy and getting enough rest, and it’s like the divine is forcing you to rest. Well, maybe I needed a blog pause to get my bearings and see where I want to go next.

      I did use the time I would have been online for contemplative purposes, so it turned out to be good, and not wasted.

      Nothing is ever wasted, really; is it?

  3. oh i am wishing… and hoping. : )

    • Christina, you are so sweet 🙂 Thank you for the hopes and wishes… I think it’s more or less fixed tonight!

  4. ah man! that really bites. i hope it comes back soon.

    • Thanks, Alisha, for the commiseration, fellow feeling, and hope.

      It’s not so much a question of it coming back now, but of it staying on. It’s on, but then may suddenly go out at any moment, for hours. This evening seems to be solid, but I have found an alternate solution, just in case. Well, two alternate solutions, places I can go to post if I am absolutely blocked here by the hiccoughs in the connection. Turns out the Chic-fil-a has wireless available, and if I want to make the drive, F. can always set me up at the University’s library.

      Maybe I’ll just go around the problem, hehehe 😉

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