Posted by: mew | November 16, 2009

wild rose on a blue ridge

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

— Henri Matisse

About a week ago, I might have said this quote was nonsense, with winter fast approaching and most of my garden in shut-down mode, if not actual decay.  But I have returned from my trip into the North Carolina mountains, where the trees were stripped down to their wintry bones and the landscape was stark and sere — and unbelievably beautiful nonetheless.  And on a short walk up a slope to get a better view of the surrounding countryside, I found this.


It looks like a Cherokee Rose to me.  It might be some other, related species of wild rose.  But at the moment I spotted it, I didn’t much care what it was called.  The fact that it was a wild rose, when I had just posted a drawing of a wild rose on my blog the day before leaving, as part of the AEDM challenge, was enough to make my breath quicken.  (And I’ve barely begun my research into the symbolism of wild roses, white roses, and roses blooming late in autumn.)  But there was another, even more amazing fact:

This rose was still blooming on November 14th, in a place where frost was definitely becoming a regular morning visitor.  Below the flower pictured were two perfect, pale, pristine buds, patiently awaiting their time to unfurl in a ray of sun.

Amazing, no?


And this photo might demonstrate why this part of the Appalachians is nicknamed “The Blue Ridge.”  Wherever there was a far-seeing view, the undulating ripples of old, mellowed mountains were mysterious and blue.  If I contemplated them long enough, I could feel how they are close kin to the ocean — although that sounds strange when put into words.

Anyway, this is just a little post to let you all know I’m back, sort of a wave hello, and also, a thank you for all of your kind wishes for the trip.  It was lovely, indeed.  Tonight, I’ll be posting my entry for the “simple pleasures” blog challenge that is the brainchild (soulchild?) of Christina over at Soul Aperture.  And tomorrow sometime I’ll begin posting again for the continuation of Art Every Day Month.  I have plenty of lovely photographs to share from my time in the mountains, and a little writing, too.

It was lovely and restful to have a break from the telephone and internet — but it’s also wonderful to be back in touch with everyone again.

Namasté, y’all!



  1. *sigh* I love that part of the country so much. I have family in virginia and tennessee and the carolinas and I enjoy my visits there so much

    • It is gorgeous country; isn’t it? I haven’t been to Tennessee in a while, but they have some outstanding mountains there, too, if I remember rightly.

  2. the blue ridge mountains. . . they are forever linked to my soul. i miss them so much!

    • I hope you’ll get to move back there soon, Alisha! I’m sure the mountains miss you, too…

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