Posted by: mew | November 12, 2009

tie a string ’round your finger


Don’t forget that my other blog, Victory Garden Redux, will still be nominally functional while I’m gone, with photographs and even occasionally some words.  My gardening blog is a photographic journal of my experiences growing some of our own food this summer, my first ever kitchen garden, and I experimented and did it 100% organically.  Actually, I went even further than that and attempted to have a philosophy of “do no harm” to soil, insects, birds, reptiles, humans or other animals in the space, which meant avoiding even organic products aimed to kill.

Right now, of course, the season is winding down, and I’ve been branching out into new territory so it doesn’t get boring.

This photo of an eggplant blossom is an example of something you might see over there.

(I will continue to publish there because I”m trying to comply with my own set goal to post something there every day for a year.  Note that I made this crazy goal before I had ever published a single post, and I didn’t know quite how challenging that would be.  So far, I’ve missed one day in just over three months.)

Both blogs will continue when I return.  Namasté, y’all!



  1. so so gorgeous! love this photo.

  2. thanks for your continuing support and encouragement. and this photo of yours is a beauty!

  3. Seriously could just fall into your photos of flowers — and eggplant blossoms! Think I said that before, but it’s worth repeating. Don’t think I saw where you are going to exactly, but hope it safe and fun travels and will continue to check in and see what’s up for AEDM and there after. Miracles! k-

  4. PS: Thanks much for your feedback on the whole canvas vs. slivers of the canvas. Of course you are totally right! I can easily do both — 🙂 Brilliant… k-

  5. That is an amazing gardening project.
    Love your philosophy. Plus I know the food you grew had to be delicious!

  6. Thank you all for your compliments and encouraging, kind words. I’m back and just beginning to come back to “normal” life. 🙂 I had a great time!

    gemma, the food was delicious! And our summer’s garden was an exciting journey of discovery. I think the accompanying philosophy developed — and is still developing — over time; you know?

    Kara, I’m glad you like the photos of flowers. I’m very partial to flowers, myself. And I love your art, glad you’ll display both!

    Karen, I’m happy to give you continuing support — your art is lovely and worth supporting 🙂 Thanks for the compliment!

    christina, I appreciate the compliment, coming from a photographer like you! You’re too kind 🙂

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