Posted by: mew | November 11, 2009

just a little something

rose sketch

It’s the eleventh day of Art Every Day Month, and I managed a little something, a “quick” sketch that blossomed into just sitting and drawing for a timeless space in that deeply Zen zone that is so precious when it arises.  (I know you know what I’m talking about.)

I suppose I could also have counted my little tale of my Artist Date for Week Ten of The Artist’s Way as my “art” for today.  It was rather fun to pull together all of my notes and memories into a coherent narrative.

For the next few days, I will be incommunicado in the North Carolina mountains for a wonderful and much needed getaway with some girlfriends.  We won’t have an internet connection up there, which is probably a blessing.  However, I do intend to keep up with AEDM (sketchbooks, for one, are portable) and will post some of that activity when I return.

To all who are participating, happy creating, and I’ll be back to view your artwork soon!


Namasté, y’all!



  1. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. I second that comment, Meredith, your drawing is beautiful. I appreciate you writing about keep up with AEDM when you’re away. Maybe it’s just that thinking about it and planning ahead and I can relate. I enjoyed reading your Artist Date to see “Where the Wild Things Are”. I’d potentially be interested in doing something with the Artist Way. I’ve read it at least once. But I’m also inspired to do it with a face-to-face group too.

    • Thank you so much, Leah 🙂 And I will note that down about the future TAW offering and make sure to let you know of anything in that regard. But absolutely no pressure! (That’s kind of a rule with me. We all have too much pressure in our lives already; don’t we?)

  3. LOVE this! HIbiscus? Have fun in the mountains, can’t wait to see where inspiration strikes when you get back!

    • Wild rose 🙂 I never realized until your comment that it does seem to have some hibiscus kinship!

      Thanks for the compliment.

  4. Your hibiscus is beautiful, such depth and texture. Wish I could draw like you. sigh….

    • Believe it or not, Norma, I didn’t learn to draw until really late. I think all I did was learn to see. I highly recommend a basic drawing class to everybody — because every single person in my class learned to see, and I suddenly understood why Monet said that “Art is an eye, a hand.”

  5. you are gifted and very talented my dear!
    i am also enjoying besides your art all the links you have here in your blog, i just clicked the writers studios, te-hee!
    cyber hugs!

  6. Thank you so much, carmen, for the kind compliments. And I’m glad you liked my links. 🙂 Those writers’ studios are so fun!

  7. Beautiful sketch and I know what you mean by getting into the zone…very nice!

    • Thank you, linda 🙂 I knew other artists had to recognize that description.

  8. have a wonderful time, my dear friend.

  9. Meredith, Your work is just beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog Nov. 1 (I’m the bug lady who also loves a seriously great brownie). Such a nice surprise to find your note. I’m doing Nanowrimo this month too, so I’m 15,012 words into my new novel. Only 35k left in 2 weeks! Haven’t kept up on my blog in a while. Time to post new art and writing. Many gorgeous bugs await me. Keep the inspiration and works coming! ~Linda

    • Oh, I’m so glad you stopped by, Linda! Thank you so much for your visit — and break a leg with Nanowrimo! It sounds like you’ve done a great job so far. Can’t wait to see what you post when you come up for air in December 🙂

  10. […] much care what it was called.  The fact that it was a wild rose, when I had just posted a drawing of a wild rose on my blog the day before leaving, as part of the AEDM challenge, was enough to make my breath […]

  11. […] preserved all of the artistic tools for sketching and drawing, which I do love (see example here) and which still give me as much joy as any other artistic medium I’ve ever […]

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