Posted by: mew | November 9, 2009

a moment to remember

I did get some art done for AEDM… but not much else today.  I’ve been plain exhausted after last week’s push, and the results are now being made known to me by my body — and none too quietly.  Anyway, I’ve viewed today as a mini-celebration.  On this date in 1989, the Berlin Wall got a hole in it, and that’s as good a moment as any to remember in the rolling tide of history that swept away the Iron Curtain.

F. and I would never have been able to meet if not for all the walls that came down in late 1989.  Of course, sadly, when so many were chipping away at that foul concrete barrier in Berlin, he was living in a blackout, unaware of the transformation taking place — and unaware that unimaginable changes would soon arrive in his country.

(Romania, in contrast to all of the other formerly communist countries of Eastern Europe, experienced violence and bloodshed in its overthrow of the old regime.  F., just then coming of age, was fortunately in a city a good way from those terrible events — and kept from even hearing about most of them by the dictator’s propaganda machine and outright blackouts of information.  Whispered rumors in the streets were not to be trusted, either, as no one knew exactly who might be working for the Secret Police, trying to rat out treasonous sentiments by telling crazy stories about dissidents and uprisings.)

Here’s a little video that briefly reviews some of the events as we knew of them in the United States:

Honestly, it brings tears to my eyes now.  After learning from F. about his life in a communist dictatorship, and how frustrating and, frankly, dark and depressing such a life was, it makes my heart leap to see people crushing barriers beneath their feet, climbing over heretofore insurmountable walls, slicing through flimsy fences, and ripping a hole in that damned wall — armed with nothing but their longing for freedom, courage, conviction, faith, and strength of will.

Humanity can be awe-inspiring sometimes.  My heart fills up with joy when I think of my own loathsome barriers to the fulfillment of my dreams and my potential, how many have come down, how many I still let constrain me and my vision of what I can do in my life, what is possible — and how they all can be trampled in a moment, shown for the flimsy nothings they are.  The fall of the Berlin Wall is not just a moment to remember, but an inspiring symbol for all of us, wherever we are, wherever we’ve come from, wherever we think we’re going.

Plus, it’s just plain beautiful to watch.

Namasté, y’all!



  1. Thanks for visiting Mer… 😀 Glad to have your company and your blog is quite interesting. 😀 Can’t wait to have some time free of classes to dig deeper. Be well, Cora

    • I’m glad to have you stop by, Cora! Your site was well worth my time to visit.

  2. I have seen other rememberances today, but none as moving as yours. Thank you for sharing and helping keep this important bit of history in perspective.


    • Thank you, Rennata. I hope we’ll always remember.

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