Posted by: mew | November 8, 2009

autumn delight

Saturday’s Art Every Day Month art activity:  photo extravaganza in the yard, morning and evening sessions.  I know I complain about being so isolated.  But don’t I live in a lovely place?


I love the shot below for all the leaves captured in mid-descent, tiny things spiraling down beneath that huge blue dome.  I tried making a film clip of the experience of standing on the back porch and watching — and hearing — them fall so beautifully whenever the wind blew.  It really is something that has to be experienced (although a more skilled filmmaker could probably get closer than I did), and I did enjoy it in spite of not being able to capture it.


Listening to the leaves fall brought on a very meditative state.  My ears filled up with silence between the irregular and oh-so-subtle sound of the wind caressing the dry leaves, each time releasing a few of them to continue on the next phase of their journeys.  Even as my heart absorbed all the Beauty of my surroundings, it also beat with the slightly melancholy — and yet also joyful — realization of Impermanence.


I think I’ll try some art this week with nasturtiums.  Perhaps painting, sketching, or collage.  And whatever form the experiment takes, the work in progress will be entitled Infatuation.  I’ve been head-over-heels this summer for the simple, yet classic, leaf form, the bright blooms with holes in the back for the bees to come in, and the way everything is held aloft on such long, loose stems, so that the smallest of breezes sets the whole plant to dancing.


F. says the autumn is strange-looking to his eyes because there’s not enough yellow.  It does seem the trees here excel in producing more warm colors:  peach, scarlet, bronze, orange.  But that could be because of the weather this year, for all I know.  After all, I’m still a newcomer.  I’m hardly complaining, though.  I’m pretty partial to the oranges and peaches and scarlets.

This one tree in the backyard was a blaze of lemon in the sunlight this morning, though, and was busy dropping many of its big bright leaves, which then spiraled down in graceful swirls and giddy loop-de-loops.

And the evening session:

I’ve been wanting to photograph a dandelion seedhead up close all summer, but never yet did so.  This discovery in the front yard, conveniently lit up by late afternoon sun, got a full three quarters of an hour of my attention.  I even ended up laying down on the ground, which was slightly warm from its sunbath.

The leaves made lovely rustly and crunchy sounds as I rolled around on them, getting my shots.


Leo came by to see what I was doing.


This one marks a week’s worth of entries for Art Every Day Month.  And I’m enjoying Leah Piken Kolidas’ challenge so much!




  1. You live in a beautiful place. I love the sound of nature, leaves blowing, birds singing, running water. This is a lovely post. Pet Leo under the chin.

  2. Thank you, gemma. Yes, the sounds do reach my heart very easily. Leo will get a caress as soon as he comes in from his afternoon ramble in the woods, I promise 🙂

  3. Dear Meredith,
    Your captures and your words speak to me in volumes, as am sure they speak to other beings. 🙂 I am so happy to hear of your experience, it fills my heart with joy. I feel where you are through those woods and those leafs, the part in all of us through nature.
    Happy Creative Every Day Month.
    (My entry for today is found at:
    I love your blog, I pass by every once in a while.

    • P.S-Leo looks a lot like Goldy our eldest cat.

      • Thank you so much, Ana, for your kind compliments. Goldy must be very handsome 🙂

  4. wow. you do live in a beautiful place!!! love your photos…great eye.

    • Thank you, brandi 🙂 Hope you’re getting a little rest, hon…

  5. I really enjoyed that stroll through your yard. And I second you on the nasturtium love – they are beautiful plants.

    My favourite shot is the tree trunk, with the green ivy under the yellow leaves. Wonderful colours, really striking.

    We don’t get autumn over here like you do, so it was a pleasure to see it through the camera lens!

    • Actually, Merilee, that is my favorite shot, too. F. said that it looked “fake” to him when he saw the post, and I was incensed and dragged him to my computer to prove to him that it wasn’t even edited. Although I should forgive him: It really was incredible to stand beneath that canopy with the sun shining through that morning, almost otherworldly, so he can be forgiven for thinking I’m some photo-editing wizard.

      I’m glad you got to see a little Southeastern autumn. 🙂

  6. We always watch the nasturtiums for the signs of the first hard frost. They go to mush overnight! They really are magical flowers…

    Thanks for stopping by to comment. I look forward to seeing your art this week!

    • Oh, don’t tell me that 😦 We haven’t had a hard one yet, and the thought of those gorgeous things as mush… I’ll be in tears that morning, for sure.

  7. Beautiful! Such a treat for someone like me. I live in TX where we have very little fall color. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Sharon. Glad you could experience it vicariously. Although Texas has other beauties, if I remember rightly 🙂

  8. what beautiful pictures! fall is so rich with inspiration. and what a cutie, that leo is. i’ve got an orange boy too. 🙂

    • Thank you, leah. I’ve seen the pics you paint of your orange boy — and he looks like being quite the inspiration.

  9. Meredith,
    The way you have captured your yard in photos is amazing. Glorious colors! We have a lot of yellow this year here in New England, which i love!
    I’m looking forward to seeing what create with the nasturtiums. i have always loved that flower!
    You have a beautiful blog!

  10. Oh my! how did you get underneath the dandelion? so awesome!!! gorgeous photos!!!

    • Hmmm… I got underneath the dandelion by sprawling on the ground and letting sticks and rocks dig into my back and pinestraw get in my hair. But I so wanted that shot. I got several which I loved — but the one with the sky and the vague golden tree in the background was my favorite. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment, Julie Ann!

  11. I am completely in love with your photos! They made me so happy and I felt like I was right there.

    • Thank you so much, Janine — and I’m glad you felt like I’d taken you on a tour with me 🙂

  12. I love the dandelion photo the most!! You have captured what I wanted to when I spent time in the yard trying to record the beauty…well done! I love the way you write, telling a story with such a descriptive and sweet voice. I am grateful we met via AEDM and thank you for the affirmation about my doodling. I look forward to seeing more of your creativity in art and words!

    • I’m grateful for the compliments, Jen. (Compliments on my writing always make my day!) It is wonderful to have met via AEDM, and I love your doodles! Can’t wait to see what you’ve created when I get back from my long weekend 🙂

  13. Beautiful photos! Ah, I don’t have an obvious autumn, here it is very suble.

    • Thank you, Rebecca. Subtle can have its own magic; don’t you think?

  14. Stunning autumn colors. Leo is gorgeous!

    • Leo has deigned to answer your compliment by barely inclining his regal head when I recounted it to him. (I think he’s totally gorgeous… but then, I’m kind of biased!)

      Thanks for stopping by, marina.

  15. how beautiful! to live in a place like this, is such a blessing.

    • Hi, Christina. Yes. Can you believe I have to remind myself of that sometimes? I really need an attitude adjustment sometimes — and frankly, sometimes your lovely, gracious, and soulful blog provides that.

  16. I love the comforting solitude of these photographs. And the flower is so breathtaking. I’m so glad that you will be working with that in your art. I can’t wait to see your interpretation of it. It already looks like a painting. By the way, your writing is lovely….”ears filled up with silence”….lovely.

    And thanks so much for your comments today. I replied to you.

    • “Comforting solitude.” I’m going to remember that, Sandy. You are a very deep woman, as I can see from your painting.

      You are so kind with the compliments, especially of the writing. Makes me smile…

  17. HEAVEN! I am such a nature person ~ your post is absolulely eye candy for me!

    • Chrissy, if you like nature, you should really check out my other blog — not to be doing self-promotion, which I rather dislike, but because it’s all about nature (and slightly controlled nature, my garden). I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this, though. “Eye candy” is such a lovely compliment! Thank you.

  18. The dandelion is amazing. Wow! I really love this photo. This would make a great large print.

    • Thank you for the compliment, Kathryn! I’ve thought about making prints of several of my photos taken this summer — and I finally did make some for my Mom’s birthday about 2 weeks ago, which she was in shock over and kept staring at with big eyes. (Very gratifying.) I think the camera and I are slowly getting to know each other, maybe even becoming friends 🙂

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