Posted by: mew | November 4, 2009


Well, I won’t be posting much for Art Every Day Month for the next three days.  Sigh.

aedmlogoredA huge work deadline just came up Tuesday morning.  It’s the kind of thing that can send me reeling, panicked.    Somehow, after a 10-minute sob-fest when F. reminded me of hard things I’ve managed in the past and pointed out all of the silver linings inherent in this job (he’s amazing, truly), somehow I’ve gotten back on the horse and even feel a teeny bit cheerful.  I’m beginning to think Julia Cameron really isn’t lying when she says using our creativity makes us more resilient in the face of challenges.

And I even managed to draw a few mushrooms today — although they were done as a sort of doodling as I participated in a work-related phone conference.  That mycology club meeting last night really inspired me and gave me a new artistic impetus.  Who knew?  It also had me laughing, which is always a plus, and gave me some holiday food for the blogs linking mushrooms, Santa Claus’ ruddy complexion, flying reindeer, and pine trees.

Although I’d probably better be quieter about that artistic impetus sometimes.  When learning about spore prints, I said excitedly to our friend Vance, “You could use those in art.”  He tried to explain that they’re used for legitimate scientific purposes, i.e. identifying fungi, to which I answered, “Oh, I do understand that, it’s just, I think they could be art, too.”  (When I googled “spore print” upon returning from class, sure enough, some of them have ended up in art museums.  So I’m not the only one to get this brilliant idea — although in my vision, they were used differently.)


Yes, I’m counting the mushroom drawings as my “art” for Tuesday, and I’ll be counting my post over at Victory Garden Redux as Wednesday’s art.  I really like this one, the lovely photo and the interpretation both.

It’s a short deadline; I’ll be back to normal on Saturday, unless I’m comatose by then.  Maybe I’ll catch up on postings for The Artist’s Way and Art Every Day Month then.  I know I’ll be doing some very enjoyable catch-up on checking out everyone’s blog posts for both groups.  That will honestly be the hardest part of this deadline — not just keeping my nose to the grindstone, but keeping my eyes from wandering over to all the blogs that have become a wondrously varied diet of soul food in just the last few months.  I’ll be starving long before Friday night, I bet.

See you back here on Saturday, and have a great week creating art and living artful lives, everybody!

(Photograph is mine this time, taken on Monday evening and turned sepia after the fact.  I guess the photos also count as creative acts or art, but the camera is becoming such a part of my life I no longer think much about it.)



  1. Julia Cameron IS right. That woman has changed my life.. and creating art, even when we are tired and achy and cranky… changes the tired and achy and cranky into just more fodder for more art.

    Hang in there for the next few days. AEDM will still be here when you return and many of us will be looking forward to what happens next for you.

    • Thank you so much, Julie. That is such a sweet and encouraging comment. Julia’s changed my life, as well — and more than once now, even if I am behind on my Artist Way postings for weeks 11 and 12 😉

  2. I’m curious now about Santa’s ruddy cheeks! I’m photographing this month, also. See you Friday.

    • Oh, I think I’ll share about the ruddy cheeks, maybe a little closer to Christmas time. I just told my sis about it yesterday, and we were giggling and she was amazed, so I think it’ll be a fun thing for the seasonal blog posts 🙂

      I’ll have to see if I can locate your photos, artyowza! Next time, please leave a link… maybe you’v’e got a flickr page?

  3. yes, i agree with julia cameron here too. and your photos and meeting drawings are a perfect way to keep going even while your life is crazy busy!!

    • Thanks, Leah 🙂 You have such an encouraging heart.

  4. […] you’re curious why I’ve gone so quiet, see this post for more details.) […]

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