Posted by: mew | November 1, 2009

and so it begins…

aedmlogoredToday, November 1st, is the beginning of Art Every Day Month, the brainchild of Leah Piken Kolidas over at Creative Every Day.  I’d decided to join in a while ago — without realizing it would begin at the tail end of The Artist’s Way course and right on top of another work deadline.  However, I’m still going to try to follow along and engage in some creative activity every single day for the month of November.

(Not sure how often I’ll post, though.  Probably not every single day.  I already do that over at Victory Garden Redux, my other blog.  And yes, I may have to use blogging over there as my creative act on a couple of ultra-busy days.  But that’s okay, because it is a very creative act to post to your blog!  I’ve learned that in just over two months as a blogger.)

I went ahead and made myself a list of creative possibilities, and in the process I realized that my definition of “art” has been much expanded by the 11 weeks of The Artist’s Way completed so far.  That definition is now not only broader, but includes more playful options.  “Art” doesn’t need to mean “two chapters of my award-winning novel written” or “my masterpiece painted in its entirety.”  Thank goodness.

Hopefully, that new and more light-hearted variety will keep the posts interesting for y’all — and keep me on track for the challenge.  Boredom is death to my artistic initiative, I’ve discovered.  If it starts to feel too much like work, the motivation starts leaking out of me until I feel like an old balloon.  And at that point I’m just as likely to actually consistently produce artistically as, well, a deflated balloon.

So I’d rather keep it light.


Today’s creative efforts can unfortunately not be posted, because they’re destined to be Christmas gifts and I’m not 100% certain the intended recipients won’t read this blog.  I can tell you crochet was involved, however, with a lovely organic linen yarn, and that the pattern involved has the word “Euro” in it, so that F. looked at it and said, “What’s European about that?”  And I had to explain to him that this item is not really common here — yet.  I’m hoping it will catch on because it’s so environmentally friendly and, well, just plain smart.

F. realized he’d never yet seen one since coming here, but did agree with me that they’re really useful.  He used to carry one regularly in his backpack as a child, and his mother probably still carries one in her purse every day.

Tantalized yet?  I’ll post pics after Christmas with a review of the yarn and pattern, which I’m finding incredibly easy, in spite of its intermediate rating.  I’d venture to say that even relatively newbie crocheters could manage this.  The only difficulty might be with the size of the stitches.

Tiny stitches with a small hook, which regular readers may remember made it onto my list of touchstones.  I know it takes longer to create something with tiny stitches, but I can’t help it.  I just don’t like bulky yarn and big hooks or needles.  And something in me loves creating tiny, perfect (or nearly so) stitches.


Here’s some pictures that I can post, of a previous crocheted gift in progress.  This became a blanket for Mother’s Day, very springy and in a soft cotton blend, perfect for a light summer blanket.  I actually pictured my mom taking a Sunday afternoon nap on the couch at our house underneath it as I wielded my hook.  The couch is slightly older than me, made in the early ’70s, and still delightfully comfortable (it’s an amazing piece of furniture!), wearing its latest slipcover incarnation of a print of large cabbage roses, very cottage garden and shabby chic.

The blanket adds a bit of a bright spring and a slightly modern touch to the room now — but hanging from a blanket rack.  Mom thought it too pretty to actually use.  Oh, well.

Its stitches were quite a bit larger than what I’m at work on now.


In other AEDM news, I also wrote two notes to each of my female neighbors, reminding them of our scheduled meeting tomorrow for another creative activity, which I’ll reveal here after the fact.  I’m feeling very nervous about this one as it is absolutely outside of my comfort zone.

What could it be?

You’ll just have to tune in tomorrow to see.

(Photo of balloons in the air courtesy of morguefile.  Photos of blanket in progress are mine.)



  1. Amazing blanket!!! Wow, I don’t know if I’d have the patience!!!

    Enjoy AEDM!!!

    • Yeah, tiny stitches are not for the faint of heart. 😉

      Thanks for the compliment! You, too, enjoy AEDM!

  2. Hi! I am also doing AEDM as well as finishing up Artist Way! Woo hoo we will be busy! Your tiny stitches are so beautiful. Also enjoyed your victory garden photos.

    • I can’t believe it, gemma! How cool is that?

      Thanks for the compliments. You’re very sweet 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness I’m hooked on your blog already and I’ve only read this one post so far! Thanks so much for poping in to my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. It’s quite synchronistic actually that you mentioned starting AEDM on the tail end of ‘the artists way’ ~ I’ve started AEDM at the START of the artists way! So not only will i be making art every day, I’m also doing 3 pages of writing + exercises + walking every day + running my art business! What am I doing? Ha ha! it’s working so far so I’ll keep running with it.
    I also really identified with your leaky balloon concept so I’ll need to make sure I’m still keeping things light myself as well.

    • Thank you, Chrissy, for the compliments! Good luck on TAW! You’re going to have such a wonderful time 🙂 Just go easy on yourself and if it seems like too much, ease up… you’re worth it!

  4. I crochet too but I want one of these blankets , I love the Artists Way I think Julia Cameron is speaking here in London on Friday so I might go to that. Happy Creating…


    • Isn’t it wonderful? If you want the pattern, I know where you can get it on sale right now 😉 It’s just a basic motif, repeated ad infinitum, but you choose the colors, and honestly I changed the joins because I hated the one they suggested.

      (I bought that pattern full price last spring. Drat!)

      And I envy you getting to go hear Julia speak.

      Happy Creating to you, too 🙂

  5. Oh, what a wonderful approach. I couldn’t agree more with the way you’re looking at the process of creativity and art. I think the Artist’s Way had a big impact on my outlook as well.

    Loving the hot air balloon pic!

    • Thank you, Leah 🙂

      I understand from reading your blog that you led over a hundred bloggers through TAW. That is an impressive achievement. I must say I’ve been thinking of doing a spring run of TAW, with a small group, and taking our time, maybe two weeks per Chapter for people who have busy lives, with a focused list of exercises to share with one another. Our group has been plagued by scheduling difficulties… and I’m having trouble keeping up with it, too.

  6. Great post 🙂 The balloon photo was very uplifiting ;-), but you can’t leave me hanging with the secret crochet gift. After Christmas? – too cruel!

    The blanket looks delicious 🙂

    • I know 🙂 I can be a meanie!

      Thanks for the compliments!

  7. oh, i’m so jealous of your crocheting skills! my mother crochets and i tried to teach myself, but i became frustrated…now i have tons of yarn and brand new needles to sitting in a rubbermaid container. sigh.

    • Oh, boy, do I know that feeling! I bought knitting needles and books, and my knitting skills remain, at best, two weeks past absolute beginner. Although I’m getting ready to try again soon… there is a knitting shop only 40 minutes away, and they offer classes, and one of my new year’s goals is to learn to make SOCKS. Crocheted socks suck — so I’ll have to bite the bullet 🙂

      Anytime you’re in South Carolina, I will gladly give you a quick lesson in crochet. I taught my aunt in about an hour. She cannot learn from books at all for some reason. (Hey, we’re all different!) And now she makes three to four beautiful blankets a year, which is more than I can say. 🙂

  8. What a lovely looking blanket full of colour and cheeriness. Neat work, Meredith. I also like your approach to the AEDM challenge. Good luck!

    • Thanks, Serena — for the compliment and the good wishes 🙂 I need all the luck I can get!

  9. […] a Comment » Some rare color combinations appear in autumn.  In the spring, when I made this blanket for a Mother’s Day gift, I commented to F. that my color choices reminded me of the season, […]

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