Posted by: mew | October 22, 2009

pay it forward

A few weeks ago I was chosen by the lovely Christina Martin of Soul Aperture to participate in an ongoing game of pay-it-forward.  I was totally thrilled, and especially so when I received the box yesterday and opened it up to find wonderful, autumn-y treasures:  apple pie spice and a recipe for homemade apple sauce to use it in, lovely stationery, a classic calico fat quarter in a rich, warm walnut color, a ticket to WISH (I definitely need this), and one of Christina’s beautiful photographic prints (really the pièce de résistance).  Such an explosion of comfort and beauty and loving kindness in one little box.

Of course, I feel in awe of her generosity, but I’m not too surprised by it, being familiar with her blog — and I can’t wait to get started on passing the sweetness onward.  I’ve been daydreaming about what I’d put in my boxes ever since I found out I’d be playing.  Now it’s down to some serious fun — er, planning and constructing my packages.

Anyone who knows me well knows I heart the snail mail love; it’s such an overlooked and tactile pleasure that in the age of electronic mail and text messaging means so much more than ever before.  (I also think we’ve forgotten the envelope for far too long.  But mail art is probably a topic for its own blog post!  I need to stick on topic here.)

And the topic of the moment is:  Would you be interested in receiving a lovely care package in the mail from me?

Here are the “rules” of the game:

I’ll be sending a package to each of five recipients, and they’ll pay it forward by sending snail mail packages to five others, spreading the love.  (Who knows where our acts of kindness will ultimately end up?)  You can select your five recipients any way you want, and there’s no pressure to send a particular kind of package or gift.  The gifts may be very small and need not be expensive.  They don’t even need to be bought (hint, hint to all of the great artists out there).  There are no deadlines and no need to hurry, in fact no pressure at all — an important consideration as we approach the holiday season.  Pressure or performance expectations would run completely contrary to the point:

What we are sending out there is from the heart.


If you’d like to join in, please leave a comment on this blog post and say you’d like to play along.  You can always leave a comment and not be considered for the pay-it-forward challenge.  You might be too busy at the moment — but keep in mind there’s no deadline! — or snail mail may not be your thing ’cause it’s so old-fashioned, or you might hate pretty surprises in your mailbox, or whatever.  But you definitely have to comment and say so if you want to play.

If you want to double your chances of being chosen, you can always trip over to my garden blog and leave a second comment on the pay-it-forward post there.

I can’t wait to see who’s going to play!  I feel like a little girl again, asking who wants to play make-believe or come join me in my playhouse.  (I did have a super cool playhouse that my dad built out of thrown-away forklift pallets.  It was like having a little house in the backyard, just for me and my sis.  Because it wasn’t solid, you could climb all over it, even onto the roof — a feature my mom did not exactly appreciate.  But, also because it wasn’t solid, she could always look out the kitchen window and see us, if not precisely what we were doing.  You know you want to come hang out at such a cool playhouse….)


(Photos of lovely care package are mine.  Care package contents also mine.  Thank you, Christina!)



  1. […] like a ray of sunshine and a soul-hug had tumbled out of the box.  (Want to see it?  Check out the other blog post.  I try to keep the photos on this one […]

  2. Oh sweetheart, I am so glad you received it. I sent it with a huge amount of love, and all the soul I could fit in the box.
    I adore you, my friend.

  3. I’d love to play along! I love snail mail too. (I say this as I write out my September/October birthday cards .. 😉 It sounds like a wonderful package to receive.

    • I get behind on my correspondence, too 😉 But it’s the keeping going, year after year, that counts; don’t you think?

  4. I wanna say I wanna but, alas, I’m not qualified. I nearly NEVER get to go to the post office during open window hours and am not making ANY money for postage these days. On the other hand I find your pure delight in that bit of snail mail love puts a smile on my face. Oh, the BEAUTY of simple pleasures!

    • Oh, Sheila 😦 I do understand the no money for postage. We just came out of a really tight time… and the Beauty of simple pleasures is all that ever gets me through tight times or stressed times or what-have-you. Brings me into the moment, where joy resides.

  5. Hi Meredith,

    As I mentioned on The Artist’s Way message-board, I participated in a Pay It Forward project last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I notice the rules are a little different in this one….the previous one was for three gifts like in the movie, Pay It Forward. However, that doesn’t faze me as I love giving! The last Pay It Forward project didn’t have a time limit either which is a good idea because, if I were chosen, I probably wouldn’t be able to actually post and participate until the new year. I would try for earlier but I wouldn’t be able to guarantee it. Five gifts would take time to paint up and/or organise and, unfortunately, this time of year gets very busy for me. So please, consider me if you like ~ 🙂

  6. Btw, your care package from Christina looks wonderful!

  7. […] Martin over at Soul Aperture for the pay-it-forward challenge.  (You can read all about it here.)  I was to send on five little boxes to other bloggers and friends who’d agreed to continue […]

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