Posted by: mew | September 17, 2009

witnessed in the space of a breath

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”

— Buddha




p.s.  If you liked these photos, you will probably love my other blog, a photographic journal of my kitchen garden in progress.  And obviously, these photos originated in an excursion into that garden, so they don’t need any attribution.  (You could guess I took them; right?)



  1. I love naturtiums! I have them scrambling up a fence here in my garden at the moment. brilliant colours of orange, yellow and even dark red.. when I was little my grandfather would pick the leaves and put them on sandwiches. they are quite pepper and the flowers are great to put into salads!
    hope the AW is going ok for you this week xo

  2. Me, too, Robyn, I love them. They are so easy to grow and so cheerful. I’ve not got any of the climbing kind, only the mounding ones, for softening the edges of the beds in my victory garden. And yes, they’re yummy to eat. Very spicy.

    Artist’s Way going better than the last few weeks.

    Hope it’s going well for you, too. The Virtue Trap stuff you blogged about sounded challenging, to say the least.

  3. Ah – it is good to see a bee! They have vanished from my area…

    • That’s heartbreaking news 😦 Although I am aware of the problem, and it is widespread. It’s been coming on for years, too. Long before colony collapse disorder ever made it into the mainstream media, I remember my grandfather sitting on his haunches in a field of canteloupe vines and saying there were no bees, shaking his head in wonder and dread, having never seen such a thing in 50+ years of farming.

      That field didn’t make a single melon. A world without bees would be terrible, indeed.

  4. a world without bees would not exist. I will find a blog post that I read once and send it to you.

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