Posted by: mew | September 13, 2009

Debriefing (Order)

A baker’s dozen photographs in response to this week’s Joy Rebel mission.  The theme is order.  But keep in mind I’m a wabi-sabi kind of gal, so my photos reflect more of an order/disorder continuum.  My overall feeling as I completed this mission was of playfulness.  Spending time in Mother Nature’s version of order sometimes has that wonderful effect on me, that I tromp out of the woods feeling it’s all just a big game anyway.

I was struggling with my landlord’s conception of order this week — to me, what he’s doing with “his” land represents death, destruction, and disorder, while he calls it being a respectable property owner.  So it’s been a week of deep breaths and trying not to judge good and bad for me, and I think it shows up in my photographs, which all seem to question somehow where order begins and ends, whether such a thing is even definable.  Even the few man-made objects that appear are difficult to categorize absolutely.

I was also coming to grips with my notions of order and disorder in my own life.  As many of y’all will know from reading this blog, I made a big move this winter, and I’m still feeling like a fish out of water here.  I’m gradually settling into new life patterns, but everything still feels in flux.  Everything always is anyway.  It’s just that usually I am numbed to it by routine and habit.  The subject had come up the weekend before Brandi posted our mission.  As usual — and it really is eerie — her missions do seem to dovetail seamlessly with some aspect of my ongoing spiritual quest.

My thinking on the subject got a kick-off when I had to locate blue in my kitchen garden.  Since I planted nothing blue, and the skies did not cooperate, it was looking like I would fail my assignment when I noticed the trellis supporting a few cardinal climber vines.  The underlying structures of my garden began to pop into focus after that, and I took the theme from there.














Many, many thanks again to Brandi over at The Joy Rebellion.  I am so loving being a member of her army.  (Hint:  I think she’s still recruiting….)


(A wonderful side effect of all these missions and keeping up my other blog is that I’m getting much better at taking photos.  These 13 are all mineCool, huh?)



  1. fantastic photos and patterns! It is amazing what you can see when you actually stop and LOOK.

  2. I was just thinking that I am seeing some great growth in your photos! My faves are the lichen and the whorled and knotting stump. Oh and the screen.

    Great eye!

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