Posted by: mew | September 4, 2009

laundry, a suitcase, and the lingering scents of summer

Three beautiful things today:

  1. An armful of fresh, clean, fluffy white towels still hot from the dryer.
  2. The joy in my heart as I contemplate a suitcase half-packed for a road trip to see family in Atlanta.
  3. The haunting scent of summer that clings to my fingertips after I finish storing the dried dill and cumin seeds in their little jars.


I’ll meet you all here when I get back.  Happy Labor Day weekend (those of you to whom this applies) — and may all of us easily recognize the Beauty in our lives as it is revealed!

Namasté, y’all.

(Photo of dried whole cumin at the bottom of a jar is mineAnd so is the cumin.)



  1. […] (Dried herbs and spices seems to be a bit of theme for me today.) […]

  2. Thanks for stopping by my art blog. May you have a great holiday as well! 🙂

  3. have a wonderful holiday!

  4. hope you have an wonderful trip to Atlanta.. your spice photos is yummy..i’m reading Julie and Julia.. in the FOODMOOD!!

  5. i see now how it is that you can recognize purple carrots! you are a victory gardener 🙂 i must go and see your other space when i leave here. thank you for your comment on my blog. i knew those carrots were beautiful as are all the vegetables at that particular organic farm but i would never have know they carry so much history! that’s a lovely pink jar for that cumin by the way.

  6. ‘Tis a clear jar on a jogging-pant-clad knee 🙂 And I am up so late I’m using words like ’tis — too much caffeine and road trip letdown. And thanks for all the wishes. We had a lovely trip, crammed into not enough time…

    So glad everyone liked the foodie references. Hmmm… I should post more food-related stuff, recipes and anecdotes and things. Goddess knows I’ve got plenty of them.

    Isn’t that crazy about the purple carrots? (I will answer my own question: yes, it’s crazy and wonderful and amazing the history in a simple vegetable we all take for granted! Thanks for the gorgeous photographs, robin-bird!)

  7. Hey! Thanks for visiting. I spent 9 months in Marietta GA. So, I know Atlanta a little, loved the red clay sunsets. I grow herbs too…love love dill…will be back to visit…have a great time on vacation!

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