Posted by: mew | August 28, 2009

paying attention
















(1) shattered seed pods of morning glory (2) sliced cucumber (3) cosmos in a bottle (4) shower curtain (5) draining boiled eggs (6) waiting in the drive-thru (7) silk ribbon and embroidery floss (8) rust (9) inside of a lamp (10) morning coffee (11) folk doll’s costume beads (12) closeup of Kaleidoscope by my sister (13) homemade insect repellent (14) inspiration shelf a.k.a. packrat’s delight (15) family heirloom seeds on vintage book

(This is part one, the pictorial response to this week’s Mission Monday challenge over at The Joy RebellionPart two will contain more words.  Same idea, though, really.  Thanks for another excellent mission opportunity, Brandi.  These missions are fast becoming part of my spiritual practice.)

Update: Part Deux is complete, with lots and lots o’ words.  Some of them are pretty fine.



  1. Love the rust! Who would have thought it could be so beautiful and fascinating?

  2. I absolutely loved seeing your photos. The rusted metal was my fave. Thank YOU for participating and for sharing your joy with me.

  3. Dawn, I’m so glad you like the rust! I’m a big rust fan, especially liking it for background in my altered art — and I even learned a process whereby you can force metal objects to rust, which is essential when you want to have an antiqued or “forgotten object” je-ne-sais quoi in your assemblage repertoire.

    Brandi, as always it was a pleasure to do the mission. I’m loving being a Joy Rebel! And all I need now is to find the time to sit down and organize my thoughts for the written response (which, being me, I think will be much cooler than the photographs!)

  4. […] post is the promised part II of my Joy Rebel mission debriefing part I this […]

  5. […] a picture of some of my cosmos in a bottle.  I think it’s the third photo down.  Taken on a bright, sunny day, […]

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