Posted by: mew | August 14, 2009

When you know how to look…

Some photographs from my first mission as a Joy Rebel.  To read more about my experiences, you can read my debriefing.


Three hearts act as arrows, pointing the way along the forest path.


A yellow (cowardly?) heart, blown down in a summer rainstorm.

DSC04465They’re everywhere once you begin to pay attention.


This is the one that made F. laugh.

DSC04519These are the herbs I slightly tweaked to improve the resemblance to a heart shape.  (See the debriefing for details.)


A red, red heart.  But seedy.

DSC04534Purple heart.  Witnessed the next morning in the early predawn light, when I was still seeing hearts.

(P.S.  There are so very many that I may post extras on my other blog.  It’s a photographic journal of my kitchen garden and will be especially appropriate for those photos taken at the beginning of the mission.)



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